Coque samsung j6 2016 licorne How we test smartphone front camera still image quality

How we test smartphone front camera still image quality We already introduced you to our new DXOMARK Selfie test protocol for smartphone front cameras. In this article, we want to dive a little deeper coque samsung galaxy s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 s10 s10e edge plus tokidoki unicorn black and explain in more detail how we test front cameras to give you a better understanding of our approach and coque silicone pour samsung j3 2016 methodology. We start out with some general information about our samsung j3 2016 coque silicone animaux testing methods and how the overall score is generated, and then provide more in depth information about how we test for the individual sub coque protection samsung j3 6 scores. In the process of testing a front camera, our engineers capture more than 1500 sample images and several hours of video of test charts and scenes in the DXOMARK image quality laboratory, as well coque j3 2017 samsung cheval as a variety of indoor and outdoor scenes in and around DXOMARK HQ in Paris. To test repeatability and consistency of results, we always take a series of images of the same test scene, rather than just individual shots. While our front coque iphone 5 6 7 8 plus x xs xr 11 pro max bare bears p0197 camera testing is very similar to our DXOMARK Mobile test protocol for smartphone main cameras, we have made some important modifications to take into account the way people primarily use front cameras. People capture selfies outdoors in bright light or indoors under many types of artificial lighting, and by definition show at least one human subject photographer herself or himself the image, which is why manufacturers should ideally optimize front cameras for portraiture at relatively short shooting distances and in a variety of lighting situations. Subject distance and variation Subject distance is very important in Selfie testing, but obviously it can vary: some users like coque givenchy iphone xr to capture close up portraits of the face. In this kind of image, the attention tends to be focused on the subject and the rendering of the background is pretty much irrelevant. Another typical use case is a self portrait taken at arm length. In this coque pour iphone xr silicone type of selfie, the subject is still the most prominent feature, but the background contains elements that the user wants to capture example, city sights or natural features in a landscape. Further, many users like to mount their smartphones on selfie sticks in order to capture as zero two wallpaper 104xu3 much of the background scenery as possible, so the background should be just as well exposed and sharp as the subject(s) in the foreground in the image. To cover these most typical front camera use cases, we perform our DXOMARK Selfie tests at three different subject distances: 30cm, close up portrait120cm, portrait with landscape (shot with selfie stick) It is a real challenge for most front cameras to produce good image quality at all three of these coque samsung galaxy s5 s6 s7 s8 s9 s10 s10e edge plus arnold schwarzenegger actor shaped subject distances, mainly because focus, exposure, and other camera parameters have to be very well balanced to achieve good results in such a wide range of shooting situations. It not only the distance between camera and subjects that can vary in selfie photography, of course, given that the subjects coque cheval samsung j5 2017 themselves can vary in terms of both numbers and skin tones. This is why we create and evaluate test scenes in the studio and outdoors not only with individual subjects but also with coque iphone xr benfica groups of people. Shooting group selfies allows us to evaluate how a camera focus, white balance, and exposure systems deal with scenes that feature multiple human subjects in several focal planes and with a range of skin tones. We capture our real life test samples at several outdoor locations on bright and coque iphone xr arriere verre trempe sunny days, as well as inside the DXOMARK offices under typical artificial indoor lighting. The Selfie score We generate the DXOMARK Selfie scores from large number of objective measurements obtained and calculated directly by the test equipment, and from perceptual tests for which we use a sophisticated set of metrics to coque iphone xs max jeu allow a panel of image experts to compare various aspects of image quality requiring human judgment. We then use a sophisticated set of formulas and weighting systems to condense these objective and perceptual measurements into sub scores, and then as a last step, we use the sub scores to compute the Photo and Video scores and the Overall Selfie score. We also show you some of the custom test equipment we have newly developed for the DXOMARK Selfie protocol in addition to a selection of real life life coque iphone 11 samples and graphs that we are using to visualize the results. Exposure coque rose pale iphone xr and Contrast Like most of our scores, Exposure and Contrast is computed from a mixture of objective and perceptual measurements. When measuring exposure and contrast for selfies, we put a strong emphasis on the target exposure of the face, but we also look at the overall exposure of the image and the HDR todoroki wallpaper 92ca2 capabilities of a camera of which can be important when the foreground of a scene is much brighter than the background, or vice versa. We also report if contrast is unusually high or low, but we don feed this information into the score, as contrast is mainly a matter of personal taste. We have developed a dedicated weighting system that we use to compute the Exposure and Contrast sub score from a large number of perceptual and objective measurements of images taken at different subject distances, based on the following image quality attributes: Face sasuke wallpaper 81jo7 target exposure Face target exposure consistency across several faces in group selfies Overall target exposure Highlight clipping on skin tones Highlight and shadow detail in the background In our in depth technical reports, we provide an overview of objective measurements (see graph below the left) and perceptual scores. We also prepare a variety of graphs to visualize objective measurements, such as the exposure graph below on the right. It shows target exposure at light levels from 1 to 1000 lux, and for a range of illuminants, including daylight and tungsten. In addition to the lab tests, we evaluate Exposure and Contrast using our perceptual database of scenes covering different skin tones, subjects distances, lighting conditions and group shots. For example, the Eiffel Tower shot below on the left allows us to check exposure on the face versus the background and tells us a lot about the dynamic range of a camera as the background is brighter than the subject. We also take sample shots indoors in low light. In the example below on the right, we use lateral im not old im a classic born 1978 t shirt coque iphone 11 lighting to see how well the camera exposure system deals with harsh contrasts on a variety of skin tones. A wide dynamic range is important when trying to avoid highlight or shadow clipping on skin tones or with backgrounds that are much brighter than the beer powered coque iphone 11 main subject of the image. In our backlit portrait scenes we test how the exposure system deals with subjects of varying skin tones in front of a bright background. As usual, face exposure is the top priority, coque iphone xs max demon slayer but we also value a good balance between foreground and background exposure.